Our History

Ghana is one of many developing/middle income countries in the world with very high disparities between rural and urban areas. Statistical figures have shown that these rural areas however are endowed with a large quantum of precious and rich natural resources, which logically should make these rural areas developed. This therefore calls for the formulation and proper implementation of good rural development policies to ensure an accelerated development of these rural areas.


The Assembly exists to have total socio-Economic Development at the local level through the Co-ordination of other agencies in the implementation of Government Polices and Programmes through the use of resources to benefit the citizenry


To Improve the standard of living of the people through Human Resource Development, Provision of Social Infrastructure and Creation of enabling Environment for Private Sectors Participation in Local Economic Development.



It is widely accepted that investment in infrastructure can lead to direct and indirect jobs, and usually have spill over effect into other economic opportunities in the District.


There are several micro, small and medium size businesses scattered across the district. Most of these business engage in the pottery making ,Beads making etc


The economy of the district agrarian is close to 45% engage in Agriculture activities. District can boast of abundance in food produce such as Water melon, Cassava, Plantain, Tomatoes,


Assistance to Disabilities (PWD)

Nkoranza North has empowerment programs for persons with Disabilities is aimed at minimizing poverty among all People with Disabilities especially those the formal sector of employment and to enhance their social image through dignified labour.

Business Support

Our Core duties of the Business Advisory Center is to help to facilitate the registration of businesses with the Registrar General, offer loans to Small/Medium Enterprises at a very low rate but the Business must be registered with Us.

Marriage Registration

Management of Nkoranza North District Assembly, has embarked on a number of reforms aimed at improving upon efficiency in service delivery to the general public In fulfillment of its mandate to render services in the field of registration and celebration of marriages


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Office Line: +233 322191705 Coordinating Director: +233 554558958
Environmental Health Officer: +233 249770441
Social Development Officer: +233 24 532 1343
NADMO HOTLINE : +233 546050636 Email Address: nkoranza@gmail.com

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